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LOTS of tickets still available now ,get yours ahead to make sure they do not sell-out at the door before you get there.

To pay for your ticket to the Tar heel Bigfoot Roundup Lectures 

on AUG 11th 2018 from 1 PM - 8:30 PM

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This is an inside , air conditioned event .We will have arm bracelets for paid tickets at the door so you can come and go as you like.  

 We will print the names of all paid tickets via PAYPAL bought up till 11AM SATURDAY. 

If you buy a ticket after this Please have some proof of purchase on your phone or in print from paypal.


Lectures will be held at the 

Lee County Co-op Extension Center ,  2420 Tramway Rd, Sanford, NC 27332

This was really cool Monster X Radio did a show with Debbie Hall and Donna Strickland and they are coming to the lectures too! 


Welcome friends to the 2018 Tar Heel Bigfoot Roundup Page !

The Tar Heel Bigfoot Roundup will feature key speakers who have performed investigations. They will be displaying their evidence to all who attend and are geared toward serious-minded Bigfoot enthusiasts. This event has become a go-to event for anyone interested in the myths, search and proof of existence of Bigfoot.

Tar Heel Bigfoot Roundup Date: August 11, 2018, Time: 1-8:30 PM

Location: Lee County Co-op Extension, 2420 Tramway Rd. Sanford, NC 27332

This is an inside , air conditioned event ."

There will be multiple breaks throughout the day, including a break for dinner (not provided). Question and answer sessions will be available as time permits.

Admission cost: $25 per person (limited seating availability), nonrefundable

Tickets can be purchased by visiting:

www.environmentalee.org/tarheel-bigfoot through PayPal

or locally through Deb and Donna. (info listed below)

For more information, please contact Deb 919.775.7506 or Donna 919.774.4676

Guest Speakers include:

Arla Williams: Arla is a well-known speaker from Oklahoma. She has a spiritual and physical connection to the Bigfoot People and had her first encounter at age 6 while at her grandmother’s. She has made guest appearances all over the nation and Canada to discuss her experiences in meeting Bigfoot. She refers to their species as “The Hairy People”. She is an author of 2 books, “My Life with the Hairy People” and “Respecting the Water.”

David Pardue: David is from a community near the outskirts of Greensboro, NC. He is a bigfoot investigator and has had many encounters with the species. He has performed investigations throughout the Southeast. His latest adventures include investigations in Uwharrie National Forest and right here in Lee/ Chatham Counties! David will share his experience with us at the festival! He is co-owner of Carolina Bigfoot Field Research along with Dave Moser; which cover Bigfoot investigations in the Carolinas.

Dave Moser: Details not available at time of publication.

Kristen Payton: Details not available at time of publication.

Terry Windell: Terry is a South Carolina investigator who has attended many investigations with Arla and David. He has compiled evidence of Bigfoot and is looking forward to sharing his experiences.

Mike & Sam Parker: The Parker’s will share their experience of seeing Bigfoot on their farm in the 1970’s. Their encounter has become a legend within the local community and sparked the Bigfoot Festivals at Deep River Park. Since their initial encounter, Bigfoot has been spotted multiple times within our region!

John Jackson: John is from Erwin, NC. He has been a Bigfoot enthusiast since the 1970’s. He met the Parker family of Chatham County and did a school project on their Bigfoot encounter. John was only in the 7th grade at that time and has been an investigator ever since. John has many stories and experiences to share with attendees.

Bill Lancaster: Bill is from Bristol, VA. He and his wife are the owners of Bilco Productions. They have produced a documentary of Bigfoot investigators sharing experiences and evidence of their encounters. Bilco Productions is currently producing their second documentary on the supernatural perspective of Bigfoot. Join us for the Lee County premier of their first documentary, Cultured Bigfoot.



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*Guest speakers may change without notice due to speaker availability.

More to come: The Bigfoot Festival will be geared toward family fun and community support. This event will be located at Deep River Park in Cumnock, NC. The date for it will November 3, 2018. Details are still pending keep a check with www.EnvironmentaLEE.org for more.

DISCLAIMER: Our fundraisers are to help raise $$ for our fight against polluters which includes a big lawyer bill from fighting against Duke Energy's coal ash dumping. 


The Tar heel Bigfoot is talking to the Deep River Bridge Association about visiting the Cumnock bridge in the Fall of 2018 too. 

He really enjoyed the last 2 years he visited there. 

More info coming soon . 

You can reach us at facebook  https://www.facebook.com/EnvironmentaLEE

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