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Contact the Lee County Board of Commissioners Lee County: 

Tell them we want Clean Industries in our county and we want them to make sure it happens! 

BOC: Robert T. Reives [email protected] 919-774-4434

BOC: Reverend Dr. Ricky Frazier [email protected] 919-776-0083

BOC: Amy Dalrymple [email protected] 910-890-1389

BOC: Doc Oldham [email protected]  919-776-6615 

BOC: Tim Sloan [email protected] 919-770-3861

BOC: Kirk Smith [email protected] 919-935-3197

BOC: Dr. Andre Knecht  [email protected] 919.770.1875

CONTACT US and get Emails or Phone Calls letting You know what is happening. 


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CHATHAM County has a 2 year Moratorium !

This is good to see... YOU can read the whole story here  http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/chatham-county-has-a-plan-to-stop-frackers-can-it-possibly-work/Content?oid=4719539

We need to write in and let them know WE WANT THIS too !

from the article ..."Lee County commissioners will consider a two-year ban on drilling on Sept. 21, says county manager John Crumpton."

Lee County Board of Commissioners
Robert T. Reives [email protected] 919-774-4434
Reverend Dr. Ricky Frazier [email protected] 919-776-0083
Amy Dalrymple [email protected] 910-890-1389
Dr. Andre Knecht [email protected] 919.770.1875
Doc Oldham [email protected] 919-776-6615
Tim Sloan [email protected] 919-770-3861
Kirk Smith [email protected]

A Plan of Action : Easy but Powerful

Try these below ... NEW added WEEKLY 


Comment on State Mining Modification Permit #19-25 for the Brickhaven No. 2 Mine Tract “A” in Chatham County 


Sunday    August 30, 2015     11:59PM

Please submit comments to DENR regarding the 

Mining Modification permit by the deadline date above.

Send comments with subject line 'Brickhaven Mining Modification' to

[email protected]


Dr. Kenneth Taylor

Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources

1612 Mail service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1612

Permits can be denied for the following reasons: If citizens make clear points related to:

  • Conservation
  • Economics (decline of property values, the increase of EMT availability, minimal jobs creation, lawsuits, etc.)
  • Aesthetics
  • General environmental concerns, (lack of air monitors, air has no boundaries…)
  • Wetlands ( wetlands surround are within site borders)
  • Land use
  • Recreation( Golf course fishing, boating, hunting)
  • Water supply ( The sites are within the Cape Fear Watershed)
  • Water quality ( many residents still depend on wells)
  • Energy needs
  • Safety ( constant flow of truck and train traffic will increase accidents, health problems, air pollution, lack of air quality rules)
  • Food and fiber production (private farms will be affected by air particulars, large horse show facility nearby, goat milking farm nearby….)
  • Mineral needs
  • Consideration of property ownership, and, in general, the needs
  • Welfare of the people, ( those adjacent to the property do not have the moneys available to relocate and will devastate property values)

Call or write Attorney General of the US, Loretta Lynch she is a Durham native. 

You can pass the phone around during this weekend’s picnics, and every family member leave a message

Point out this 5 story toxic coal ash dump is going on our watershed, placed in a working class neighborhoods.

We have no confidence in DENR who is under investigation.

Property values have already been harmed.

NO air monitors are being required,

No baseline water tests have been done.

Coal ash trains will be going thru the center of our town…..

There is an African American WWI soldier and family buried there ...

too many reason to list. 

Invite her to our meetings 

US Dept of Justice Att Loretta Lynch

950 Pennsylvania Ave

NW Washington, DC 20530-0001


202-353-1555 leave a message line, they give you plenty of time to talk.

 US Dept of Justice Environment and Natural Resource

950 Pennsylvania Ave

NW Washington, DC 20530-0001



Another way to get busy helping stop this Injustice ! 

This is the what the proposed Coal Ash Dump is supposed to look like in Sanford

this was done by Don Kovasckitz