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 A little about us 

EnvironmentaLEE. org is a non-profit grassroots organization, chapter of BREDL.org
Our intent is to protect the health , safety and welfare of citizens and the environment of Lee County. As well as protecting the Property rights of landowners, and any other potential threat to the local environment and its citizens. Come support your community.Learn more and help organize against Dirty Duke Energy & Charah's plan to dump MILLIONS of TONS of Coal Ash in our brickyards.

There are many changes and matters that we want to face head on.  

 Lee County and all of North Carolina will need everyone's support and work to protect what we have been given. 

Please check our pages for environmental issues we are confronting at this time in our surrounding area . 

Information on fracking in NC and the Proposed Coal Ash Dump in Sanford and Moncure . 

UPDATE now there is also sludge farming from our WWTP that is taking untreated coal ash leachate .

BTW we can always use more helping hands. 

Find us at Facebook and twitter too.

Our Story 

We've loved every minute of our journey!

An Idea is Born 

EnvironmentaLEE is a brand new name for us but we are not a new group . It has developed as a growing oak tree with strong roots .
Cumnock Preservation Association started out as a small group wanting to preserve their beautiful community .CPA had grown with the environmental threats including fracking that has came to Lee Co and the rest of NC communities .
We could not stand by and just fight for our wonderful community of Cumnock ,we knew we needed to grow .
1st we joined as a chapter of BREDL.org and now our branches are growing strong . Many people of Lee County & now surrounding counties too, have decided to work together and fight for our Environment . We wanted a positive name , an environmentally friendly name that told where we came from too.
After many wonderful suggestions , a local artist thought of our great name ! So that is how We became ... EnvironmentaLEE.org 

Our Mission 

The mission of the EnvironmentaLEE , is to develop and implement strategies for a community conservation vision that builds awareness, protection and stewardship of Lee County's natural resources. We hope to also get involved with surrounding counties in the effort of keeping our communities clean and safe.

Some of our Videos are below find more here

1st slideshow is of posters from THE GREEN THUMB CLUB of Broadway Elem.  in Lee Co They made these posters after hearing about the Duke Energy proposed site to Dump Millions of Tons of toxic coal ash here where WE live . 
The 2nd video was done by BREDL.org on  "Split Estates and Forced Pooling" and the impact through Fracking it could have here.

Here are more videos too , we hope you will share as well.