Welcome to EnvironmentaLEE 

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We are Lee County NC people volunteering, working with others to educate 
& organize the community on environmental issues and threats. We are a Chapter of BREDL.org 
Our ELEE meetings will be listed in the first section on the page and Chatham & others below .
If you have an event, please contact us asap to share ! Find us at facebook too .

 April 6,2017 BREAKING NEWS click here Judge Fox rules in our favor!!!


ALSO Check out our party plans below. 

COME ...  LET'S CELEBRATE OUR VICTORY Judge Fox rules in our favor!!!
Tuesday, April 25 at 7 PM - 8:30 PM
Mt Calvary Baptist Church
1713 Colon Rd., 27330 Sanford,NC 

7 PM - 8:30 PM 

ALL community welcome

1. The Final Decision is AFFIRMED as it relates to the use of the areas already mined or otherwise excavated in the two coal ash disposal sites (Brickhaven and Colon Road), and
2. The Final Decision is REVERSED as to areas not already mined or otherwise excavated, and the two mine reclamation permits were issued improperly by the Respondents and are hereby REVOKED.
This may not be all we need to completely stop it but it goes a long way down that road. The losing parties (DEQ and Charah) can appeal to the Court of Appeals but we’ll face that if they do. Right now it’s a major win.

#CoalAsh #Grassroots
We want to Give Thanks for Mt Calvary Baptist Church
for allowing EnvironmentaLEE to have these meetings every 4th Tuesday of the month!

ELEE monthly MEETING , 4th Tuesday of the month.
NEXT meeting May 23rd ,2017 


Mt Calvary Baptist Church
1713 Colon Rd., 27330 Sanford,NC 

7 PM - 8:30 PM 

ALL community welcome
1.How to stop Coal Ash from being dumped in Lee County
2. Well water contamination & what we are going to do about it
3. #Sanford #WWTP receiving #coalAsh #Leachate from #Brickhaven,dumping the water back to our river & pouring the sludge on #Chatham county
4. water filters for contaminated wells .
5. Fracking and #ForcedPooling
learn more at our Facebook event page here 
We want to Give Thanks for Mt Calvary Baptist Church
for allowing EnvironmentaLEE to have these meetings every 4th Tuesday of the month!

We are going to have a Earth Loving Demo table from 4:30 -9:30
at the Downtown Streetfest & Fireworks
a Public Festival · Hosted by:
City of Sanford, NC - Government Offices and Downtown Sanford, Inc.
This event will be an all day event ending with Fireworks !
Saturday, April 22 at 10 AM - 9:30 PM
Downtown Sanford, NC
learn more about the festival here

NOTICE : EnvironmentaLEE will be there from 4:30 till 9:30
Our theme will be "Keep LEE Green" with topics on litter and waste.

UPDATE APRIL 6 ,2017 WE WON learn more on our COAL_ASH INFO page 
 DEC 15TH : STILL WAITING for Judge Fox's decision.
  Monday, November 14 at 10 AM - 1 PM
Back in court, this time with Superior Judge Carl Fox . CCACAD/ELEE appeals of Duke Energy mining and solid waste permits for the Brickhaven #coalash dump.
This is the appeal of the case heard in January & will be heard November 14th in Pittsboro at the Justice Center.10:00 am.
It REALLY helps our cause to have lots of people there to let the judge know we are serious ! 
Folks we can't stress enough how IMPORTANT it is for
"O_R being there to Represent the People" !
we need U to make us work!
Our wonderful lawyer John Runkle is amazing standing up there like David against Goliath with Therese Landrum Vick by his side...
while the others have 4 or 5 lawyers...
But when the judge sees US there with our heads shaking NO when the DukeE team tells tales "IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE"
Please put this on YOUR calendar
We need you there!
So come to the Justice Center in Pittsboro , you don't have to stay full time... Just come if you can and bring a friend !

Please check back for more events coming SOON 


Chatham Citizens Against Coal ash Dumping 

(CCACAD )  meetings and  EVENTS 

FYI Y'ALL from Chatham Citizens Against Coal Ash Dump
First Friday in Feb. 3, Friday, 7 PM. .
CCACD is having their regular meeting at Liberty Chapel Church Annex in Moncure 

Contact: Judy Hogan 919-545-9932, [email protected]

 find more on Chatham here  http://www.nocoalash.org/

OR  contact Judy Hogan
 [email protected]  919-545-9932 

WE ARE NOT GIVING UP against the threats to LEE county like...
MILLIONS of TONS of Coal Ash dumped on us , LEE CO a target for Fracking,Little River quarry TOO close to residents 

Learn more and help organize against Dirty Duke Energy & Charah's plan to dump 8 MILLIONS of TONS of Coal Ash in our brickyards. 

SO you can not make the meetings?

You can still get Involved !

Volunteer , sign up for emails so we can let you know about other events coming!

Call your officials , Write them . we have addresses and more at our facebook notes. 


You can start with the Lee County Commissioners .

You can copy and paste these straight to your email address bar. 

  [email protected]

[email protected],

 [email protected]

[email protected],

[email protected] ,

 [email protected]

[email protected] 

For phone and mailing addresses go here 


contact Governor Pat McCrory and tell him not to dump coal ash on North Carolina communities! 
Email: [email protected] 
Telephone Number: 919- 814-2000 
Senator Ronald J. Rabin, [email protected] (919) 733-5748

We all have different talents and abilities, and various other commitments in our lives, if we each do what we can, we can make a difference. 
 I like the Russian proverb:  “If everyone in the village gives a thread, we can make a shirt for a naked man.”  Judy Hogan