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We are Lee County NC people volunteering, working with others to educate
& organize the community on environmental issues and threats. We are a Chapter of BREDL.org

Watch this video and then check out our BIGFOOT event coming up below on Sept 24th!

 Our ELEE meetings will be listed first section on the page and Chatham & others below .
If you have an event, please contact us asap to share ! Find us at facebook too .

DATES to REMEMBER:   mark your calendars ..

 Lee County BOC announced a Special meeting called to discuss "Colon water issues" !
We need to be there by 5:45 to sign up to speak .
You have 3 minutes to state YOUR comment but You can simply just say a few words.
You do not have to speak at all just be there in support of those who do and let the BOC know YOU care enough to be there!

Tue, Sept 6, 7pm – 8pm

City of Sanford, NC - Government Offices

225 E Weatherspoon St, Sanford, North Carolina 27330
It's time to go to the Council and let them know what we want .
Let's tell the City of Sanford, drinking water is needed NOW for Colon community !
BE There to Stand as a community and demand you have the right to clean water NOW not after Duke Energy starts puking #CoalAsh on you too.
If you don't feel comfortable speaking BE THERE to STAND with those who want to speak out! 

facebook event page here 

    Saturday, September 24 at 5 PM Until ...
2989 State Rd 2145, Bear Creek, NC 27207 
asking $5.00 donation . 
Spirits O'Sanford is doing a fundraiser again for some of the local non profit Orgs here in Lee County and fortunately EnvironmentaLEE.org is one of them .
EnvironmentaLEE will be helping with the event too , so we hope you will come out and enjoy the wonderful stories of bigfoot ,bridge and river .
So bring your cameras , binoculars and all your "BIG FOOT Finder gear " and join the hunt ! 
There will be BIG FOOT souvenirs too .
There will be a few Big Foot/ Nature THEME vendors too .
If you would like to set up a table as a vendor please let us know ASAP .  Call Donna Strickland at 919-774-4676

More Information coming on facebook event page too 

WE ARE NOT GIVING UP against the threats to LEE county like...
MILLIONS of TONS of Coal Ash dumped on us , LEE CO a target for Fracking,Little River quarry TOO close to residents 

Learn more and help organize against Dirty Duke Energy & Charah's plan to dump 8 MILLIONS of TONS of Coal Ash in our brickyards. 

Tuesday, September 27 ELEE monthly MEETING 

at 7 PM - 8:30 PM 

ALL community welcome
1.How to stop Coal Ash from being dumped in Lee County
2. Well water contamination & what we are going to do about it
3. #Sanford #WWTP receiving #coalAsh #Leachate from #Brickhaven,dumping the water back to our river & pouring the sludge on #Chathamcounty
4. water filters for contaminated wells .
5. Fracking and #ForcedPooling
learn more at our Facebook event page here 
We want to Give Thanks for Mt Calvary Baptist Church
for allowing EnvirnomentaLEE to have these meetings every 4th Tuesday of the month!

ONGOING  we are having a water collection 

  EnvironmentaLee  is still asking for help in getting drinkable water to assist residents in the Colon community.

 Recently, hexavalent chromium, a known cancer causing carcinogen, has been detected in numerous community wells. 

Up to 22 water-wells now .  For all those interested in donating water to affected residents.

Contact us on facebook , email us here elee_directors@environmentalee.org 

PLEASE talk to your church , schools and organization to help too . 

You can also Donate at 

"Water well Info" 



Chatham Citizens Against Coal ash Dumping 

(CCACAD )  meetings and  EVENTS 

CCACAD will host  Anti-Coal Ash workshop/Meeting  to Stand up against Dirty DUKE Dumping on us in Chatham County  !

Chatham Citizens Against Coal Ash Dump (CCACAD) will hold a fried fish plate sale on August 26, Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Liberty Chapel Church’s Samuels annex, 1855 Old #1 in Moncure to raise money for our legal fund. Contact: Judy Hogan 919-545-9932, judyhogan@mindspring.com

 find more on Chatham here  http://www.nocoalash.org/

OR  contact Judy Hogan

SO you can not make the meetings?

You can still get Involved !

Volunteer , sign up for emails so we can let you know about other events coming!

Call your officials , Write them . we have addresses and more at our facebook notes. 


You can start with the Lee County Commissioners .

You can copy and paste these straight to your email address bar. 





aknecht@leecountync.gov ,

 tsloan@leecountync.gov , 


For phone and mailing addresses go here 


contact Governor Pat McCrory and tell him not to dump coal ash on North Carolina communities! 
Email: governorsoffice@nc.gov 
Telephone Number: 919- 814-2000 
Senator Ronald J. Rabin, Ron.Rabin@ncleg.net (919) 733-5748

We all have different talents and abilities, and various other commitments in our lives, if we each do what we can, we can make a difference. 
 I like the Russian proverb:  “If everyone in the village gives a thread, we can make a shirt for a naked man.”  Judy Hogan 

Although the public comment period and deadline for letters to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) passed on May 16th, “the coal ash dilemma will be with us for awhile” Judy Hogan said recently.


Four environmental groups have urged DENR to deny the Duke Energy plan to dump up to 20 million tons of dangerous coal ash in our two counties.  Chatham Citizens Against Coal Ash Dump and EnvironmentaLEE, along with NC WARN and the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, filed comments urging denial of the permits.  John Runkle, noted environmental attorney, expressed concerns about the adverse impacts on drinking water, wildlife, air, surface and groundwater and toxic sediments in streams.  Runkle urged that the permits be denied.

Dr. G. Fred Lee, a world-renowned expert on landfills and their environmental impact, as well as Sanford Pediatrics, speaking on behalf of the threat to their young patients, submitted comments and objections to the Duke Energy disposal plan. 

Hundreds of pages of comments addressed the results of surveys in the two county area, and included data about the close proximity of day care centers to the transportation rail route.

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